Asset Durability

Delivering Sustainable Value to Madagascar

Ambatovy is one of the most ambitious industrial undertakings in the history of Madagascar and the Indian Ocean, aiming not only at profits but also at developing local communities and contributing to the national economy in a sustainable manner.

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Une vision agile

For An Agile Vision : Scrums

The New Year is a time for introspection and assessment, a time to reflect on the past year and recognize what we have accomplished and what we want to achieve. Over the past months, Norda Stelo’s employees have shown resilience and put forward the company’s values of innovation and adaptability so as to seize the opportunities that have presented themselves in this crisis context. Among these, the advent of teleworking and the creation of a collaborative platform have enabled us to evolve our work methods towards a more agile model of cooperation.

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Effondrement de la route 112
Innovations & Techniques

Collapse Of Route 112

En août 2009, un important glissement de terrain survenu à la mine Lac d’amiante a causé la fermeture complète d’un tronçon de la route 112, située entre Saint-Joseph-de-Coleraine et Black-Lake à Thetford Mines. Des milliers de tonnes de roc sur lesquels reposait la route se sont retrouvés au fond de la mine à ciel ouvert, rendant toute circulation impossible.

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Transformation numérique
Digital Transformation

Industry 4.0 and digital transformation: what are today’s critical issues?

The digital transformation of heavy industry and manufacturing companies is a real development opportunity for the manufacturing sector and Québec’s economic growth. As in the case of any transformation, this comes with its share of issues and challenges.

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Alex Brisson

Star performers: Alex Brisson

It’s been a bumpy few years for the company now known as Norda Stelo, but CEO Alex Brisson has always known that by following its North Star, the Quebecois engineering and construction firm would emerge even stronger.

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Building Trust and Delivering Value

Canadian construction engineering firm Norda Stelo specializes in integrated projects. Headquartered in Quebec City, the company has twenty locations on three continents and is deeply committed to building longstanding client relationships based on integrity and trust.

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