Emergency responses

Whether it’s a train derailment, a collapsed culvert or a highway blocked by an accident, Jean-Pierre has seen everything is his long career. Emergency responses often receive heavy media coverage, but what happens behind the scenes? Here is an informal discussion that plunges us into the reality of emergency responses by engineers.

How would we respond to a collapsed culvert that forces Autoroute 20 to close on a Friday afternoon, or to the breakdown of a crowded passenger train?

Let’s find out!

For An Agile Vision : Scrums

The New Year is a time for introspection and assessment, a time to reflect on the past year and recognize what we have accomplished and what we want to achieve. Over the past months, Norda Stelo’s employees have shown resilience and put forward the company’s values of innovation and adaptability so as to seize the opportunities that have presented themselves in this crisis context. Among these, the advent of teleworking and the creation of a collaborative platform have enabled us to evolve our work methods towards a more agile model of cooperation.

Collapse Of Route 112

In August 2009, a major landslide occurred at the Lac d’amiante Mine, causing the complete closing of a section of Route 112, located between Saint-Joseph-de-Coleraine and Black-Lake in Thetford Mines. Thousands of tonnes of rock that had served as the road bed ended up at the bottom of the open pit mine, making all traffic impossible.