Asset Durability Management: Expertise at the Heart of Asset Management

Asset Durability Management (ADM) is a rapidly growing field of activity. Around the world, companies must balance their economic, social and environmental sustainability with the need to maintain and optimize their physical assets. With successive retirements, restructurings and relocations, corporate memory is being lost, as some of the knowledge and expertise disappears, making it difficult to determine the health and performance of assets. The development of cloud software such as a SaaS service has paved the way for significantly improved overall management of capital-intensive assets, whether they are infrastructure or equipment.

Emergency responses

Whether it’s a train derailment, a collapsed culvert or a highway blocked by an accident, Jean-Pierre has seen everything is his long career. Emergency responses often receive heavy media coverage, but what happens behind the scenes? Here is an informal discussion that plunges us into the reality of emergency responses by engineers.

How would we respond to a collapsed culvert that forces Autoroute 20 to close on a Friday afternoon, or to the breakdown of a crowded passenger train?

Let’s find out!