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Many organisations are currently becoming aware that the tools they have to work with are inadequate or obsolete, or that their emergency response plan is flawed and needs to be realigned.


We provide coaching when you need to rapidly adapt your operations to a situation that is evolving day by day, to adjust work practices and ensure your employees’ safety, or simply to help you feel supported and prepared for what’s to come.


To support skills development within your organization, Norda Stelo provides a range of technical training options that can be tailored to your context and needs.

Podcasts and Articles

The Articles and Podcasts page provides evolving content on a range of engineering topics.

Services Tailored to a Time of Constant Change

Our services are designed not only to meet your current needs but also to align with your strategy for embracing the future.

Our specialists provide remote assistance in real time, which means rapid, travel-free support.
Our specialists can be rapidly dispatched to the site of an incident throughout Quebec.
Norda Stelo can provide distance learning in support of your employees’ skills development.
When you are compelled in an exceptional situation to partially or completely shut down your facilities, you need to have a preservation plan in place for your electrical, mechanical and static equipment.
Norda Stelo can support your essential operations deploying specialized resources as a contingency plan for your teams.
Norda Stelo can help you manage risks and undertake proactive monitoring of the condition of your assets.

Articles and Podcasts

Learn about our history as well as about our specialists and partners who share their experience with today’s realities and their outlook on the new tomorrow.

Training Programs

In addition to Norda Stelo’s training programs, we have a catalogue of diverse online training programs available through our partners to meet your needs.
Online Training
Tailored to your situation
Training Programs
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collective intelligence.


Respond positively to new situations and anticipate organizational and personal requirements, while adapting to a constantly changing market.


Be bold and think outside the box. Implement solutions that meet our partners’ and our company’s needs.


Commit individually and as a group to excelling in what we do. Make our mark by developing value-added solutions.

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