Asset Durability

How to avoid replacing assets unnecessarily

Industry assets are at the heart of organizations’ production activities. The durability of both infrastructure and industrial assets (buildings, bridges, various networks, tanks, conveyors, crushers, lifting facilities, tailings ponds, etc.) is of paramount importance.

Managers must maintain the overall health of their asset inventory. Extending the life of assets allows to postpone direct investments in the most important ones. The financial pressure naturally decreases over time, thanks to the extension of their lifespan.

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Asset Durability

How does a mining company’s digital transformation contribute to better management of its assets?

The asset management stream of the mining sector’s digital transformation is well under way and very necessary. Whether we consider the issues of productivity, safety, the environment or competitiveness on global markets, several reasons motivate the search for sustainable asset lifecycle management solutions. Fortunately, the accessibility of modern technology performance tools now facilitates their adoption and the achievement of measurable and therefore useful results. This article provides an overview of what digitization represents in an effective asset durability management approach at a mining company.

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Innovations & Techniques

How can we innovate in railway turntable design?

Turntables have existed since the 1830s, but nowadays they must adapt to brand-new requirements, which we will address in this article. We will also try to answer the question of how to transform them without generating exorbitant costs, while minimizing shutdown times?

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Bandeau SIGE
Environment & Society

Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS)

Media coverage of climate change is increasing and reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) is on the agenda of a majority of governments worldwide.

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Digital Transformation

The future of smart parking

With a North American market estimated at $ 4.4 billion by 2025, smart parking is one of the fastest growing in the Internet of Things universe and is widely used around the world. In fact, its return on investment turns out to be much faster than one might imagine.

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La transformation numérique, une vision durable
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation, for a Sustainable Vision!

Cutting-edge manufacturing technologies are developing at an exponential pace, competition on the global scale is creating strong pressure on Québec companies, and the labour shortage is adding multiple challenges related to productivity. Is digital transformation becoming the solution?

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Environment & Society

Drone assisted aerial imagery

Norda Stelo offers as a service through its Social Acceptability and Environment CE, the fulfillment of applications for permits and environmental authorizations for construction and exploitation activities within the framework of various mining projects.

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White paper
Bilan de santé d'un parc de réservoirs
Asset Durability

Tank Farm Health Review

The COVID-19 pandemic has served as a catalyst for a number of movements that have emerged in recent years, including responsible consumption, eco-design, and the circular economy. Looking to the future new reality, it’s clear that industry will increasingly focus on asset durability, with the strengthening of environmental, social and governance (ESG) requirements being an integral part of sound asset management.

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