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The Role of Engineering in ESG: Engineering the Future

While some of us must begrudgingly admit we have been working on ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) in all its forms for longer than we want to admit, until recently seeing any real progress has been far too slow. With climate change concerns now taking centre stage, by most accounts ESG has finally become “mainstream”. Ultimately, it will become just another term for doing good business.

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What is the future for hydrogen in Canada?

In a previous article [1], we sought to discern a winning strategy for Québec to develop its local green hydrogen sector. Let’s briefly summarize its main conclusions: hydrogen is complementary to bioenergy, electrification and to strategies of energy sobriety and efficiency that must characterize the…

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What is the strategy for green hydrogen in Quebec?

From November 23 to 25, 2021, was held the 42nd edition of the Québec Mines + Energy Conference organized by the Ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles du Québec (MERN). Several conferences featured important players in the Quebec and international energy sector. On the menu: energy transition, decarbonation, electrification, bioenergy and hydrogen. Many participants were intrigued by the comments and analyses on the latter, as hydrogen is on everyone’s lips these days.

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What does the future hold for Canada’s oil and gas industry?

After fighting the Covid-19 pandemic for almost two years, Canadians have recently turned their attention back to the environment as their primary concern. While prior to the pandemic one in five Canadians considered the environmental issue to be their primary concern, today 17.1% are again of that opinion.

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Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS)

Media coverage of climate change is increasing and reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) is on the agenda of a majority of governments worldwide.

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Drone assisted aerial imagery

Norda Stelo offers as a service through its Social Acceptability and Environment CE, the fulfillment of applications for permits and environmental authorizations for construction and exploitation activities within the framework of various mining projects.

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