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Norda Stelo offers a range of training options aimed at employee skills development. More than 150 training programs are available covering planning, maintenance, machine safety, asset integrity and hygiene management, and health and safety, all of which can be adapted to your needs and context.
Norda Stelo and HumEng work together to provide clients with innovative learning and performance support solutions. Norda Stelo’s recognized technical expertise combined with HumEng’s training expertise are tapped to meet companies’ ever increasing skills management needs.

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Interactive, dynamic training with participants. May be customized to meet the specific issues you encounter.

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HumEng International inc.

Founded in 1991, HumEng specializes in developing and implementing learning and performance support solutions for clients in the manufacturing, industrial and natural resources sectors.

Technical Modules

An extensive catalogue of pre-recorded training sessions you can consult as needed.


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