Asset Durability

COVID-19 – In Times of Crisis, Sound Asset Management is Absolutely Vital

The COVID-19 pandemic has served as a catalyst for certain movements that have emerged in recent years, such as responsible consumption, the circular economy, stronger partnerships, and a focus on long-term coaching and mentoring rather than simply a product or service. Looking to the future, it’s clear we need to train our efforts on the sustainability of our assets, with the strengthening of environmental, social and governance requirements being an integral part of  sound asset management.

« Brown

is the New Green »

Asset durability has become a business model for Norda Stelo. Our decades of brownfield engineering experience have helped us develop an approach that hones in on increasing the lifespan of an asset deploying proactive risk management and dynamic monitoring of an asset’s condition.

Asset durability is played out at several levels: from emergency response in the event of a failure to a diagnostic test  in conjunction with a preventive maintenance and inspection plan, along with dynamic monitoring in real time, to smart extension of the service life of the asset in terms of the environment and operating context.

Focusing on ensuring asset durability delivers positive impacts for workplace safety, the environment (e.g., reduced GHGs), communities and the financial health of our partners.

Our Solutions

Below is a partial list of our areas of expertise:
  • Failure analysis following a breakdown;
  • Corrosion and degradation studies;
  • Assessment of the asset’s return to service (i.e., fitness-for-service (API 579) or other standard);
  • Root cause failure analysis (RCFA);
  • Load-bearing capacity assessments;
  • Maintenance process review and mapping;
  • Thermomechanical and fluid dynamic studies to enhance service life./li>
  • Risk-based asset integrity audits;
  • Evaluation of residual life span of a group of critical assets;
  • Maintenance, reliability and integrity diagnostics;
  • Inspection, preventive maintenance, repair and replacement plans;
  • Interactive dashboard on various asset health indicators.
  • Continuous updating of asset integrity dashboard;
  • Asset data compilation and assessment during their life cycle;
  • Continuing effect of operating and environmental data on asset sustainability;
  • Indicators in support of asset-related investment decisions;
  • Development of risk-management-based maintenance scenarios;
  • Development of intelligent sustainability tools.
  • Our Achievements

    Consolidation Tadoussac Wharf (walls A, B and C)

    Client: Municipalité de Tadoussac

    Project timeline: October 2016 to June 2019

    Owing to significant corrosion and holes in the wharf’s sheet pile walls, the Norda Stelo team:

    • developed a tender call for a geotechnical investigation;
    • assessed various approaches to stabilizing the walls and related costs;
    • presented solutions and recommendations to municipal officials;
    • prepared technical documents (plans and specifications) for consolidating the walls;
    • evaluated costs and scheduling, specifically with regard to resolving the issue of runoff and the freezing of runoff from the rocky hill near the wharf;
    • conducted an environmental assessment;
    • provided technical assistance during tender call and bid evaluation process;
    • provided ongoing monitoring and supervision of the work.

    Inspection – Société du chemin
    de fer de la Gaspésie

    Client: Ministère des Transports du Québec and the Société du chemin de fer de la Gaspésie

    Project timeline: 2011 to 2018

    Since November 2011, Norda Stelo has carried out a number of engineering railway bridge-related projects for the SCFG and the MTMDET railways department. The projects included bridge inspections, bearing capacity studies, cost estimates, design work, site supervision and the provision of technical assistance for railway structures. The services involved the rehabilitation of rail facilities and operation of the first tourist train between the City of Gaspé and the Percé tourist site.

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