Augmented Reality for Remote Support

COVID-19 – Physical Distancing, the New Reality

The situation we’re in with the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed a new reality in terms of physical distancing in the workplace. Our experts are prepared to help you meet this challenge with cutting edge solutions.


In our continually changing world, even accelerated world owing to the pandemic, Norda Stelo has adapted its engineering services and technological solutions to overcome human resources issues in manufacturing and industrial environments.

Whether limiting the presence of external workers in operations, maintaining physical distancing among workers while ensuring production chain efficiencies, or deploying teleworking for all facilities, we focus on integrating technological solutions tailored to today’s constraints, thereby transforming the world of work tomorrow.

Our Solutions

Our specialists are prepared to help you meet this challenge with cutting edge solutions.

Although the use of Facetime or Teams video conferencing platforms as a means of communication is on the rise, there are limitations when it comes to providing clear operational instructions to the person on the other end. Augmented reality however provides a range of options including:
  • Pointing to and drawing people’s attention to specific elements on the image;
  • Saving images and notes at the end of the session to document the session and proposed recommendations.
  • Providing support for various activities:
  • Technical and diagnostic support;
  • Surveys and inspections;
  • Remote training for operators and technicians.
  • With robotization, robots rather than humans perform repetitive, difficult or dangerous tasks. In the current context, robots allow for physical distancing. Instead of having a number of people working a piece of equipment or on a production line, some tasks are performed by a robot or collaborative robot.
  • Collaborative robots can work alongside humans without risk.
  • Collaborative robots perform tasks and hence limit close contact within less than 2 m between people.
  • Robotization speeds up production and enhances production quality.
  • A real-time tracking system can help make it easier to manage physical distancing, monitor production and storage operations, oversee machine safety in a range of industrial, commercial and institutional settings (hospitals, schools, malls and grocery stores), on jobsites and on public transit. Our specialists provide engineering, programming and technology integration services aimed at:
  • Determining required telecommunications equipment;
  • Setting up secure areas;
  • Linking in existing computer systems;
  • Compiling and analyzing data and creating dashboards and reports (distancing compliance, individuals who come into close contact with an infected person, historical data, and so forth);
  • Installing panels, doors, guard houses or other equipment to ensure compliance with CNESST’s distancing standards.
  • For many, teleworking was the ideal solution for managing the COVID-19 crisis and recommended confinement. Although office work can be readily converted to teleworking, controlling a production line may well require the on-site presence of a number of workers. Using technological solutions or a smart transportation system, some types of equipment control can be done remotely. With the right tools and appropriate network configurations, it is feasible to remotely connect to and operate a production line, or investigate operating issues.
  • Validation of equipment operations
  • Operating supervision
  • Data collection
  • Startup of remote supervision systems (SCADA, operator interface, dashboards)
  • A drone can be used to access difficult or hazardous sites safely (e.g., high voltage equipment), thereby simplifying standby operations and avoiding the need to have a number of people on site (traffic supervisors, multiple survey teams, etc.). 3D imagery makes it feasible to take more accurate measurements than manual readings. Comprehensive imagery of a sector provides accurate information for repair plans and parts requisitions, and hence enables seamless integration.

    Our Achievements

    Augmented Reality
    – Vuforia Chalk

    Rockwell Software is used by our specialists to provide operating personnel with remote support. Our specialists use a mobile phone or tablet to view an image of the operator’s work station remotely and provide the required support.

    Commissioning of Production
    Line… Remotely!

    Norda Stelo provided commissioning and assistance services for production lines in the United States. With access to programmable controllers, the production server and operator stations, Norda Stelo specialists delivered the services remotely.

    Catenary Inspections

    A drone and 3D imagery was used to inspect catenaries on an industrial rail system.

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